Gallet Factory Circa 1900
Gallet is universally recognized as the “Maître du Chronographe” or Master of the Chronograph. For over 550 years, Gallet timepieces have been the first choice for the world’s most important timekeeping applications. With a history of groundbreaking innovations and a centuries old tradition of unsurpassed quality, Gallet timepieces are chosen by governments, organizations, and individuals that require more from a watch than simply telling the time of day.

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  1. British Air Force
    British Air Force
  2. Indianapolis Speedway
    Indianapolis Speedway
  3. The Great Escape
    The Great Escape
  4. Dodge Motors
    Dodge Motors
  5. President Truman
    President Truman
  6. Official Indy 500 Timer
    Official Indy 500 Timer
  7. U.S. Navy WWI
    U.S. Navy WWI
  8. WWI Cockpit Timer
    WWI Cockpit Timer
  9. 1936 Indy 500
    1936 Indy 500
  10. NY Central Rail Road
    NY Central Rail Road
  11. Normandy Invasion
    Normandy Invasion
  12. At the Horse Races
    At the Horse Races
  13. World's First Flight
    World's First Flight
  14. First Yachting Timer
    First Yachting Timer
  15. Ball Rail Road
    Ball Rail Road
  16. Driver Jimmy Clark
    Driver Jimmy Clark
  17. Colonel Don Blakeslee
    Colonel Don Blakeslee
  18. US Geological Survey
    US Geological Survey
  19. Early Skydiving
    Early Skydiving
  20. Operation Desert Storm
    Operation Desert Storm