Gallet MultiChron Regulator - awarded to riding mechanic John Paul for heroic sportsmanship at the Indianapolis Speedway in 1936. John Paul came to the aid of renown Indy driver Al Miller (Car 12) and his riding mechanic after their car had crashed and burst into flames. Both men survived the crash.The Gallet Flight Officer chronograph (1939) - Commissioned by Senator Harry S Truman for pilots of the US Army Air Force. Truman wore a Flight Officer during his term as 33rd President of the US. This Gallet Commander was worn by American Lieutenant James Richard Hoel, one of the escape tunnel diggers at Stalag Luft III, a German prisoner of war camp during WWII. The heroic efforts of these Allied soldiers were later portrayed in the 1963 movie, “The Great Escape”, starring Steve McQueen. Colonel Don Blakeslee, the most decorated WWII US Army Air Forces fighter pilot wearing his famous Gallet MultiChron Regulator chronograph.Jim Clark is considered as the greatest Formula One driver that ever competed. The watch shown is the Gallet MultiChron model 12 that Jim Clark wore to the track the year that he won the 1965 indianapolis 500.
Webb C. Ball loaner (1910) - manufactured by Gallet in Switzerland, provided to American rail road conductors and engineers while their primary watches received routine servicing by Ball.US Navy Pocket Chronograph (1914) - high quality timer manufactured by Gallet under the Jerome Park name for the United States Navy during World War One. Pilot's or Cockpit Timer (1914) - watch with timer manufactured by Gallet Electa for the British military during World War One. British Ministry of Defense "Broad Arrow" markings on reverse. NYCRR Pocket Chronograph (1916) - pocket watch with timer manufactured by Gallet for rail road conductors and engineers of the New York Central Rail Road. Occurrence Timer (1936) - custom manufactured by Gallet for the US Geological Survey, used for measuring durations of seismic activity and other natural phenomena
Dodge Brothers Decimal Timer (1921) - custom manufactured by Gallet in Switzerland for the American Dodge Brothers Company before Dodge became a division of Chrysler Motors. Decimal Artillery Timer (1943) - decimal reading stopwatch manufactured by Gallet, used on Tank landing Ship #13 during the D-Day Invasion of Normandy. Since the very first days of the Indy 500, Gallet was there as the official timekeeper of the races. Shown is a Swiss made Gallet/Champion dual timer, used by Indy race officials during the middle part of the 20th century. Artillery & Task Timer (1915) - 30 minute timer manufactured by Gallet for the British military during World War One. British Ministry of Defense "Broad Arrow" markings on reverse.During the world’s first successful flight, Gallet was there… The timepiece shown is the Gallet made stopwatch used by the Wright brothers on that most eventful day in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, NC. [ image courtesy of National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution]
Since 1466, Gallet was there...
Gallet is universally recognized as the “Maître du Chronographe” or Master of the Chronograph. For over 500 years, Gallet timepieces have been the first choice for the world's most important timekeeping applications. With a history of groundbreaking innovations and a centuries old tradition of unsurpassed quality, Gallet timepieces are chosen by governments, organizations, and individuals that require more from a watch than simply telling the time of day.

1936 Indy 500
Ball Rail Road
President Truman
The Great Escape
Colonel Don Blakeslee
Driver Jimmy Clark
U.S. Navy WWI
WWI Cockpit Timer
British Air Force
NY Central Rail Road
US Geological Survey
Official Indy 500 Timer
Normandy Invasion
Dodge Motors
World's First Flight
The renowned partnership between Gallet and Champion, the Official Timekeeper and the Official Ignition Expert of the Indy 500, lasted for decades. Gallet wristwatches, stopwatches, and other timing devices were used extensively by drivers, pit crews and race officials.Parachutes Incorporated was founded in 1957 to teach free-fall parachuting to the US Army. Specifically manufactured by Gallet for Parachutes Incorporated, this miniature “dashboard” with stopwatch and altimeter was secured to the chest-mounted reserve parachute container worn by jump instructors.The Gallet Yachting Timer (1915) is the world’s first timepiece designed specifically for yacht racing. In spite of the quality of the watch with 15 jewels, bi-metal temperature compensation balance and over coil hairspring, it was used only for the 5 minutes prior to the start of a regatta.Gallet watches have long been the preferred timepieces with horse racing fans and track officials. This Gallet MultiChron model 12HR was awarded to the owner of Speedy Somolli after the horse’s famous win at the 1978 Hambletonian.In 1990, Gallet supplied 30,000 “Marathon Navigator” wristwatches to the U.S. military for Operation Desert Storm. Built to withstand combat conditions, most of these watches are still in service today.
At the Horse Races
First Yachting Timer
Early Skydiving
Indianapolis Speedway
Operation Desert Storm
Introduced by Gallet in 1914 for the British Royal Air Force, the MultiChron 30 was the world's 1st true wrist chronograph. While reduced in size from a hand-held timer, it still retained the 3-piece case, porcelain dial, and center button winding crown of a pocket chronograph.Gallet Yachting Timer (1915) - The world's 1st dedicated yacht racing stopwatch. In spite of the unsurpassed quality of this fine timepiece with 15 jewels, temperature compensation balance and overcoil hair-spring, it was only used for the 5 minutes leading up to start of a yacht regatta.Breaking the gender barrier, the MultiChron Petite is the smallest wrist chronograph ever made. Introduced in 1939 by Gallet for enlisted and professional women who before were required to use a gent's watch to do their assigned tasks, the Petite measures only 26.3mm in diameter.The MultiChron Navigator GMT, Introduced by Gallet in 1943, is the world's first chronograph wristwatch with an additional 24 hour reading and compass directional hand. The additional crown (adjacent to the 9) stops and sets the constant seconds hand for split-second synchronization.The MultiChron Yachting, introduced by Gallet in 1945, is the world's first wrist chronograph with regatta count down timer for yacht racing.
1st Lady's Chronograph
1st 24 Hour Chronograph
1st Yachting Wristwatch
1st Wrist Chronograph
1st Yachting Timer
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