Gallet Newsletter: 20 Nov 2017


The Chronograph that Improves on its own Perfection

With years and millions spent on research and development, along with input from auto race professionals, Gallet has designed the perfect motorsports chronograph – the “Heritage Edition” – a groundbreaking evolution of Gallet’s famous MultiChron model 12. Perfection is now even more perfect.

Many motorsports professionals agree that Gallet’s MultiChron model 12 from the
1960’s represented the height of perfection in classic chronographs. It struck a perfect
balance of features and functions that professionals required, while sporting
handsome looks nobody could pass up. It was also heralded for its accuracy, durability,
and reliability, with most examples still performing flawlessly today.

However, decades later, we realized that this flawless chronograph could still benefit
from some technological updates, particularly “under the hood.” This was the ultimate
motivation in creating the Gallet “Heritage Edition”, the best performing chronograph
available today. In creating this limited edition release of only 500 individually numbered
examples, the goal wasn’t to impress with flashy dials and cases, but rather to
showcase a work of understated yet unsurpassed professional elegance. After drawing
inspiration from the DNA of its legendary predecessor, a new level of perfection has
been born.

Why the Gallet “Heritage Edition” is Truly the Perfect Chronograph

It’s what’s “under the hood” that matters:

Most brands in the market still use the same movements introduced many decades ago, instead focusing solely on cosmetic updates to win over fresh unknowledgeable consumers. For Gallet, whose core philosophy is to provide the very best timing instruments possible for true professionals, this approach to business is unacceptable. Instead, we’ve teamed up with Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, one of Switzerland’s most respected watchmaking houses, to create a completely new in-house movement based on years of research and development. So high is the production criteria within this collaboration that if the accuracy or function of a single
movement ever falls short of our standards, it goes straight back to engineering for
correction. This is the ultimate in “Haute Horlogerie”, rarely seen in the industry today.

The perfect ergonomics for your wrist:

At 40.5mm in diameter and only 13.2mm thick, our new Heritage Edition chronograph
is neither too big nor too small, designed with the perfect balance of comfort and
function in mind. The faceted lugs that hold the strap with extra secure hex screw bars
are perfectly angled with the curve of the wrist. When you buckle on the pro rally strap
with stylish ventilation orifices, hand-stitched by master leatherworkers from luxurious
and extremely durable American alligator, it feels like a dream. In fact, several people
recently remarked about how surprisingly great the watch felt on their wrist when they
tried it on at the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance.

Accuracy in the heat of the moment:

Most chronographs in today’s market focus mainly on accuracy when reading the time of day, diminishing in precision when the stopwatch feature is engaged. Since a chronograph’s primary function is to record elapsed time, the new Gallet Heritage Edition is one of the few watches engineered to achieve “Premier Chronometer” accuracy during time recording activities as well. Finely tuned twin-mainsprings, powering both the gravity-transcending variable-inertia balance and the time recording mechanism, results in a watch that shows minimal variation during “switch-over”. The highest level of precision is guaranteed across all functions, critical for important moments like an auto race when exact time recording is an absolute necessity.

Elegant “form-follows-function” design:

Most modern motorsports chronographs feature a tachometry scale on an external bezel, placed there primarily for appearance and not the best idea for function. As the most vulnerable part on a watch to wear, external bezels quickly become scratched and damaged, leading to decreased legibility and expensive replacement. Accuracy in calculating relative speed is also sacrificed as the sweep chronograph hand doesn’t extend out to the outer indications. Like its renowned predecessor, the tachometry scale of the Gallet “Heritage Edition” chronograph remains safely under the crystal, at the outer perimeter of the dial (face). As a result, the indications are fully protected and will always be more precisely viewed as the sweep hand crosses directly over the markings.

Superior bezel engineering:

With most watches, the most vulnerable part of the watch is the bezel that surrounds the crystal. Within no time, owners are grieving those first scratches and dents and must determine whether to accept this or purchase an expensive replacement. While harder than stainless steel, even ceramic bezels are susceptible to chips and cracking. Gallet took note of this and has engineered-in the perfect solution with the Heritage Edition. Opening the case back reveals 4 screws that hold the O-ring sealed bezel in place. This allows the bezel to be easily separated from the case for polishing, either during routine servicing or as a quick and inexpensive maintenance procedure whenever desired.

Why you’ll want one on your wrist:

The Gallet Heritage Edition motorsports chronograph is a true Heirloom Quality Timepiece, built to function accurately for over 100 years; the perfect holiday gift to be passed down for generations to come.

Gallet is producing an exclusive limited edition series of only 500 examples.

Don't miss this opportunity to own the world's most perfect motorsports chronograph.

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Gallet Heritage Edition Chronograph

The "Heritage Edition" Auto Racing Chronograph

Switzerland's foremost artisans have incorporated the highest principles of watchmaking technology and ergonomic design to create the world's finest auto racing chronograph..


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